Simple Checks to do Before a Website Launch

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Launching a new website can bring about a lot of excitement. This is really true if you have put a lot of time into making it attractive and relevant for your targeted audience. However, it would be very simple to forget that making last minute checks to make sure things are fine is extremely important. When you start getting traffic, it is obvious that you want to get the most benefit from them. The first impression is always the last impression. So, if you're not going to put in the effort to check everything before the big launch, things may not work out too well.

Consult the opinions of those closest to you and use their critiques to further enhance your site before going live. Sometimes we tend to get so lost in creating the best website that we forget our opinion is going to limited, no matter how much knowledge we have. It's important to show your website to people you know and trust to get a third party opinion. This will help you broaden your own view and incorporate elements that you wouldn't do otherwise. In reality, you are building your site for a vast array of people, so it just stands to reason that you consult people you trust to so you can understand what appeals to users and what doesn't.

Check the links on your website and see to it that all of them are working. Some times, links will no longer work. This can easily happen during copy/paste. Do not think that all is well until you inspect your links. The worst thing that could happen is that your links are not functioning. That is not a happy thought. Losing sales just because of a broken link is definitely a no-no. Also, ensure that the links are going in the right direction and that your website navigation is up to par.

So, your website is just fine with the proper look and design, but then you change the browser. Checking the browser compatibility of your website is something that's crucial before hitting the launch button. Your site has to be compatible with all the major browsers such as the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Depending on their preference, people will use different browsers. A lot of times your website might look okay with one browser, but look totally different with another one. This is why you should do a compatibility check and make sure that your website looks okay with all browsers.

It's really easy to get excited with the launch your website and forget the basics of creating a 'good' website. What we discussed here is nothing difficult to apply, but still you tend to notice website owners making the same mistakes over and over again. If you really want to make a good impression on your readers then produce a website that will make them want to return again and again. So when are you going to start? So start looking at your site and make sure that everything checks out before the big launch.

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